Career Coaching

A career is no longer a one-off decision taken in early adulthood and then established through regular progression up an organisational structure. Careers are now less predictable, not just because organisations are constantly changing, but also because individual lives are less predictable.

Careers are an ever evolving ‘deal’ between an individual and an organisation. The organisation can change what it wants and rewards, which can lead an individual to seek career help. An individual can feel their work is no longer satisfying and want support to think through what next.

Career coaching is no longer just for those deciding what they want to do as they enter work or those wondering what they can do after losing their job. It is relevant for every age and career stage. Clients can be 2 years into their working lives, or 2 years away from retiring. They can be senior executives or rising talent.

Clients can seek help because :

  • Their ambitions are re-ignited as children get older.
  • They have achieved a lot in their careers, and are asking ‘what now?’
  • They are finding a role less satisfying, but don’t know what else they could do.
  • They are discovering that the ambitions others have had for them, no longer match with who they have become
  • They are planning for a next life stage

How Career Coaching Works

Career coaching looks at the whole person. It is interested in how you have made the choices you have – even though your career may well have been unplanned.

Career coaching focuses on:

  • Strengths, interests, values and motivations
  • How you have built your career and what has influenced your choices
  • What career success now means for you
  • Your approach to risk and change

Career coaching also looks at reality. The reality of your situation, of the opportunities available to you and constraints. It recognises that careers can be changed by unpredictable events, but also looks at how you can work with opportunities that come from unpredictability.