Developing coaching skills

Coaching skills has become an important part of how organisations look to maximise the performance of its staff.

Coaching to Solutions works with experienced executive coaches to deliver bespoke programmes that are accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management

Manager as Coach

As author of Coaching to Solutions: A Manager’s Toolkit for Performance Delivery, Carole has developed a practical, outcomes focussed coaching programme that equips managers to use a coaching approach as part of their daily role. The programme uses a solutions focussed approach based on conversations being:

  • Focussed
  • Action oriented
  • Solution focussed
  • Timely and time effective

The programme has been used with groups as diverse as production line supervisors and academics. It has proved effective across sectors and was recognised in the Irish Training Awards.

Internal Coaching

Increasingly organisations are calling on internal coaches to deliver coaching support to staff who work outside of their own areas, may be more senior than them, and who can bring performance, development and career issues. Coaching to Solutions helps organisations develop skilled, quality assured internal coaches. through:

  • Helping design processes to select internal coaches
  • Building confident coaches through a model of input, practice on the ground and further input.
  • Building learning groups that work together outside of the formal programme
  • Providing the opportunity to gain external recognition for coaching skills
  • Offering on-going supervision and CPD.

Career Coaching

Career coaching conversations are one’s which line managers often find difficult. Equally internal coaches can feel they are being asked to be career experts or to hold knowledge about organisational opportunities which they do not have. Coaching to Solutions offers programmes to meet the needs of both populations based on:

  • Clarifying what is an appropriate role to take in career conversations
  • Inputting career theories which are relevant to the 21st century
  • Providing tools that can be readily used within a career conversation
  • Where required programmes can be awarded ILM recognition

Resilience Coaching Skills

Drawing on her own research and her extensive experience of resilience issues, Carole can offer experienced coaches a focussed programme to specifically develop skills in working with resilience issues. The programme covers:

  • What do we know about resilience?
  • The difference between loss of resilience, PTSD and ‘burnout’.
  • Assessing resilience strengths
  • Understanding the resilience narrative
  • Narrative coaching
  • Tools taken from diverse coaching approaches including CBT, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, ACT and Solution Focussed Therapy that are relevant to resilience coaching
  • Career resilience

Supervision of Coaches

As a widely experienced coach Carole supports internal coaching programmes through offering on-going group supervision to those who have completed an initial training programme. Supervision allows for issues raised in practice to be addressed in a safe supportive environment. Group supervision acknowledges that we can all learn from each other, and that no coach gets it right all of the time.

She also offers individual supervision to a small number of individuals.