Coaching Supervision

Supervision is a space where you think about the thinking that shaped how you were within a coaching relationship. It is a place to stand back from what you did in a session, so you can look at it from new perspectives, alongside a supportive partner. Coaching supervision is a partnership of equals, where I, as your supervisor , am there to help you access your own resources so that you can go back refreshed and renewed into your work.

Supervision is important because coaching is an isolated activity. You aim to do your best for your clients, but each and every one of us have sessions that do not go as we would wish, coaching relationships which falter after a good start, and clients who challenge us. Post session self-reflection is important, but there is added value in being able to bring your strengths and your vulnerabilities to someone, who non-judgementally, will help you look at what was happening for you, and encourage you to extend your practice through that learning.

Why supervision

  • You may be considering supervision because it is a requirement for your accreditation with a coaching body. Supervision can ensure you are working to coaching competences, but it offers you more than a tick in the box.
  • You may be an experienced coach looking for a change of supervisor, and wanting a different approach.
  • You may be used to group supervision, and wanting a more focussed attention on your needs.
  • You may have recently completed your coach training and be dealing with the challenges of building your practice.

Wherever you are in your development, I look to work with the issues you are facing.

My approach

As a supervisor, I bring the experience of being a coach for over 30 years with training in many approaches, and the experience that comes from running one’s own practice. I bring the learning from successes and the learning from failures   I bring my formal training as a supervisor, but most of all I bring the joy that comes from helping people become the coaches they want to be, and a commitment to your development.

How I work

I work with clients on the basis of an initial 1.5 hour session to agree the contract and how we will work together, followed by 6 x 1 hour session with a joint review at the end of those 6 hours, so that you can decide if you want to extend further.

I work via Skype or face to face, dependent on where you are based. We may never meet because of our geographical distance, but we can still create a strong learning partnership.

If you are looking to begin or extend your experience of supervision I would welcome talking with you about what you are wanting, and to talk more about my approach.