Welcome to your Individual Resilience Questionnaire

The following questions are designed to help your assess the resilience qualities that you carry with you as you live your life – ie what do you have access to that enables you to flex in response to the demands of daily living and work.

There are no right or wrong answers. Answer them thinking of how you see yourself generally operating in the world.

Please fill in your name and email address in order to receive the results via email, once you have completed the questionnaire.

1 – I have the skills and experience needed to deal with the demands of my life.

2 – I have the flexibility to adapt to whatever is presented to me.

3 – I have a clear sense of what is important in my life which gives me a compass point for the decisions I make.

4 – I have the ability to change direction when the preferred route is not available to me.

5 – I have the ability to recognise when I need support and to ask for it.

6 – I have the ability when things are uncertain to look for what I can take control of.

7 – I have the ability to control my emotions when feeling pressured.

8 – I have an ability to recognise reality without getting overwhelmed by it.

9 – I have a belief that I can manage my way through difficulty.

10 – I have a recognition of what has to be done now, whilst also holding a picture of what I am working towards in the longer term.

11 – I have an ability to come up with new solutions, and a willingness to let go of things I like but no longer work.

12 – I have an ability to recognise when others need support and to offer it.

13 – I have the ability be decisive and not procrastinate.

14 – I have the ability to recognise when I am becoming stressed and to use strategies to minimise the stress on me.

15 – I have a belief that I can find the solutions to the challenges I face.

16 – I have the capacity to recognise when I need to develop new behaviours and skills.

17 – I have a sense of perspective that helps me not be derailed by difficulty.

18 – I have the desire to be an active player in what is happening in my life, rather than a passive recipient.

19 – I have a realistically optimistic view of the future.

20 – I have the ability to acknowledge the difficulties of change and to accept what has to be let go of.

21  – I have a ‘needs must’ mind-set. Having less does not stop me from achieving what I want.

22 – I have an openness in talking about frustrations with trusted colleagues, friends or family members.

23 – I have a head above the sand attitude. I prefer to deal with problems head-on rather than hoping they will go away.

24 – I have the ability to recognise when my responses are being affected by immediate pressures.



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