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Creating Your Own Career Narrative

Ask most people why they did the first job that they did, and the answers will usually reveal the power of family messages. Middle class families often have direct role modelling – think of acting dynasties, or the generations of doctors, lawyers or teachers that are often found in one ...
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The Reality of how to Manage a Career

The shelves of career planning books in the self help section of bookshops, present a dilemma.  Most successful people I have coached would claim that they have never planned their career.  Those who claim that they planned their career, then point to some disjuncture which threw the plan off course ...
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Coaching skills for managers: sample from DVD

Managers often believe that coaching is time demanding, but the opposite is true. It is missing opportunities to coach which leads to time being wasted. In this clip, the costs of allowing a talented individual to carry on behaving ineffectively are highlighted. The rest of the DVD shows how a ...
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Learning from Olympians

As the nation watches from its sofas the extraordinary achievements of Olympic competitors, the question many of us ask is "Could I have done that?"  If I hadn't spent my teenage years avoiding PE, and my subsequent years adhering to the late John Mortimer's advice "Exercise if you're fit you ...
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Talent Management : What does it really mean?

The term talent management has become an HR hot phrase. The idea of being able to both identify and then manage the performance and motivation of the most business critical is alluring – but it is also fraught with dangers. It suggests that talent only resides with some individuals – ...
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